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Free for your patients

PhysiApp (our app for your patients, available on iOS, web and Android) is free.

Exercise prescription
Upload your own exercise videos
170+ exercise programs to save you hours
Create your own program templates
Unlimited exercise programs
Unlimited patients
Free PhysiApp patient apps
Outcomes Analysis
Real-time outcome tracking and analysis
25+ built-in outcome measures
Built-in notifications
Integrated Telehealth
Attractively priced packages
Telehealth Basic (unlimited browser to browser calling) included in every subscription.
Upgrade to Telehealth Pro from $11.99 per month extra (Telehealth pricing)
AES256 encrypted video consultations
Live video streaming
Call recording (additional fees apply)
Call log
Patient Education
Expert created educational videos and PDFs
Stunning 3D animations
Upload your own branded educational content
Integrates with many practice management systems
Free online training sessions
7 day a week email support
Group account to manage licences for your entire team
Institutional features
Outcomes data and business performance platform Physidata
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